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Check-ups are Good. Check-ins are Smart.

Starting today, we are implementing a new feature within our risk analysis software called Check-ins.

Much like getting a regular check-up with a doctor is good for your long-term health, we believe checking-in on your feelings about the market and your portfolio is a great way to detect potential issues before they become a bigger risk. 

With our Check-in service, each month we ask two simple questions during our check-in — “how do you feel about the markets?” and “how are you feeling about your financial future?” 

With two taps, you'll understand what's “normal” for your portfolio, and we get an early warning when, or if, something needs attention based on how you're feeling. And, by consistently monitoring your feelings, we get a better feel for you over time.

By doing these monthly check-ins, our goal is to have you, and us, better connected to your portfolio, your risk, and your future. 

This new feature will be hitting your inboxes over the next month in a rolling timeline fashion and consistently thereafter. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to email us or schedule a Quick Call today